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GDPR, ePrivacy & CCPA

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Check any site for ePrivacy & GDPR compliance.

Effective Cookie Consent

GDPR compliant consent management.

  • By default blocks all first-party & third-party trackers unless party is recognised & has been given specific user consent
  • Signal user consent to third-parties using established & industry accepted standards
  • Fully customisable brand or site specific User Interface
  • Support across European & non-European languages
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Automatic cookie audits

Cloud based website scanner gathers exhaustive information.

  • Find all the first-party & third-party tracking cookies & other trackers present on a site
  • Determine the companies that control them
  • Indicate to users who they are & the actual declarations they have made about their purposes for processing
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Privacy Preserving Analytics

An established website analytics system exhaustively tested on & used by thousands of major brands.

  • Does not require consent, aggregated data collected from all site visitors
  • Counts all page views, unique visitors, traffic attribution counts
  • Collect aggregated statistics without cookies or singling-out
  • Accurate opt-in rates categorised by day & country
  • Built in A/B testing to help choose consent UI
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Cookie Consent Panel

The consent panel is displayed when a user visits for the first time, or whenever they click on the CookieQ privacy button. At any time they can interact with it to agree or disagree with cookies or other storage, or personal data processing by any of the third-parties recorded there. Parties that are not recognised or the user has not given consent for will be blocked from appearing in the user's browser.

Consent for parties is always specific to your site, i.e. a user may record different consent choices or other sites. Their chosen consent status will be retained for a period you decide up to 12 months, after which the panel is again shown on their next visit.

By default, and after they have withdrawn consent, no cookies are placed other than those you are sure are exempted from the consent requirement under ePrivacy or the GDPR.

Use one of our standard consent panels, consent buttons or reminder banners, or let us customise something distinct for your site.

Extensive Third-Party Database

We maintain a database of known cookies names and third-party domains so we can deliver accurate first-party cookie & third-party information to users.

You can amend this information for your own cookie use to override the default information in our database.

Rich JavaScript & Declarative API

Baycloud supports a rich API which client JavaScript can use to interact with the Consent Platform. As well as the standard TCF 1.1 and 2.0 functions there is also the ability to request user consent or assign it in response to your own UI elements.

There is also a declarative API where CSS classes can display information for particular elements depending on the user consent status, DNT setting or other basis.

Multiple consent signalling protocols are supported, such as the W3C DNT API & the IAB-EU's Transparency and Consent Framework, 1.1 & 2.0.

Website Analytics

Built-in website analytics automatically collects percentage opt-in rates, country level discrimination of page views and unique visits. Only aggregated data collected. No cookies are used and no ability to single-out individual visitor, so exempted from a consent requirement under the new ePrivacy Regulation.

Automatic website scanning

Baycloud will scan your website every month, and create a record of all the cookies, and other trackers there. This in turn creates a declaration of tabulated information to be presented to users in your own customised UI

Deliver content with minimal fuss

Deliver Youtube compatible videos, Buy-It-Now functionality with automatic user consent prompts and much more.+

A video showing CookieQ in action

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