Consent Management and Cookieless Analytics
We have combined our first to market consent management system with privacy focussed analytics. Manage all of your sites in one place, using only one line of script.
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Welcome to our fast real-time e-privacy compliance testing service

Websites often make use of the storage on a user’s device in order to track their users across the internet, and send them targeted advertising and profile them for commercial, or political purposes. Unless they have obtained prior consent, this is illegal under EU Law. This scanner can quickly test whether or not a website is compliant, by examining the way in which it uses device storage.

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Cookieless, privacy safe analytics.

We understand the importance of analytics systems to our clients, and we have developed and tested ours in consultation with companies which market major household products.

Our analytics system does not require consent, and uses aggregated data collected from all site visitors to deliver metrics such as A/B testing, opt in and opt out rates to our clients. It is designed as a total replacement or a compliment to conventional analytics systems, and can fill in the gaps where users have opted out of receiving cookies from your preferred platform.


Baycloud’s new Dashboard.

Monitoring, auditing, management and customization, all in one place. Maintain a constant awareness of your company's compliance status across all of its domains.

Now you can set up our compliance pop up, run daily privacy audits, generate cookie policies for your websites and monitor your compliance status and site analytics using our easily navigable new control centre. The dashboard is compatible with business communication platforms including Slack and Microsoft teams, and is fully scalable. It is useful for clients that manage any number of websites, from SMEs with one site, to multinationals that operate across thousands of domains.

Baycloud is proud to work with businesses, international public bodies, politicians, ethically conscious brands and privacy sector resellers.

We take pride in our transparency and reliability, and believe firmly in the legislation that necessitates our services.

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